0.7.12 2018-10-02

  • [Feature] #142: Add a tidelift_url option, which when set (default is None/unset) adds a small text snippet to the donate.html sidebar component, linking to the given URL string. Thanks to Steven Loria for the patch.

  • [Feature] #132: (partially via #143) Add a generic donation badge/url option (visually powered by as well as a service-specific donation option for OpenCollective.

    We expect this to be followed-up on later with more service-specific options for services like Patreon. Thanks to Melanie Crutchfield for the report and Steven Loria for the initial patch.

  • [Bug] #141: Fix a typo in the code-block font family, which incorrectly specified Deja Vu Sans Mono instead of DejaVu Sans Mono. This would primarily impact systems lacking the first two fonts (Consolas and Menlo) such as Linux desktops. Thanks to Ilya Trukhanov for catch & patch.

  • [Bug] #128: Remove Gittip/Gratipay output from the donate.html sidebar component, since the actual service has been insolvent since 2017. The configuration options remain in place for the time being (to avoid breaking backwards compatibility) but no longer do anything. Thanks to Joe Alcorn for the report / original patchset.


    See the changelog entry for #132, which re-introduces a more generic donation sidebar framework.

  • [Bug]: On some browsers/platforms, ‘badge’-style sidebar elements were displaying dotted underlines. This was unintentional and explicit styling has been added to remove them. Credit to Steven Loria.

  • [Support]: Reorganize the customization page to break up the now rather long list of “variables and feature toggles” into additional sections; includes alphabetizing those lists, to make it a bit easier to find docs for a specific setting.

0.7.11 2018-06-18

  • [Feature] #110: Add badge_branch option allowing configurability of which specific Git branch the Travis, Codecov, etc buttons default to. Credit: @TitanSnow.

  • [Feature] #18: (via #101) Add optional next and previous links at the top and bottom of page content. Use theme option show_relbars to enable these. Credit: William Minchin.

  • [Bug] #73: Clean up some problematic font issues:

    • Remove the outright broken Goudy Old Style, plus other mostly Adobe-only fonts, from the font_family config setting; it is now simply Georgia, serif which is what the majority of users were rendering anyways.
    • Clear out the default value of head_font_family (which contained Garamond, a nice but also Adobe only font)
    • Set head_font_family so it falls back to the value of font_family unless a user has explicitly set it themselves.


    You can always go back to the old values by explicitly setting font_family and/or head_font_family in your’s html_theme_options, e.g.:

    html_theme_options = {
        'description': 'My awesome project',
        'font_family': "goudy old style, minion pro, bell mt, Georgia, Hiragino Mincho Pro, serif",


    Depending on individual viewers’ systems, this change may be visually backwards incompatible if you were not already overriding the font settings and those users had the fonts in question (which are not default on most systems).

    As seen in the note above, you can always override the new defaults to go back to the old behavior, using your config file.

  • [Support] #111: Add setuptools-level entrypoint for improved theme distribution compatibility. Thanks to Aaron Carlisle for the patch.

  • [Support]: Miscellaneous project maintenance updates such as adding to Travis CI and enforcing the use of flake8.

0.7.10 2017-02-28

  • [Bug] #95: Independently ran across sphinx-doc/sphinx#3276, namely that parameter lists become squashed together if one is running on Sphinx 1.4.x. While that fix was merged in Sphinx itself, we felt it prudent to include it in our own stylesheet as well, for immediate relief.
  • [Bug] #96: admonition_xref had a template typo preventing it from receiving styling; this has been fixed. Credit: Kenzie Togami.
  • [Bug] #32: Update styling of various block-level elements such as admonitions (.. note::, .. warning::, etc) and code blocks (.. code::) so they are no longer ‘dedented’ outside the main column of text they’re embedded in. This is both a stylistic change and a bugfix, since e.g. nesting code blocks within note blocks looks actively broken. Thanks to Takayuki Shimizukawa for the report.

0.7.9 2016-07-25

  • [Feature] #80: Add support for <link rel="canonical"> (i.e. canonical URLs). Thanks to Ben Gamari for the patch.
  • [Feature] #83: Expose Sphinx’s toctree collapse option as the new sidebar_collapse config option. Credit: Eric Holscher.
  • [Feature] #6: (and #70, both via #84) Make all remaining hardcoded style colors configurable, plus related cleanup (such as improving differentiation of some admonition blocks such as warn and note, ensuring generic admonitions are left untouched, etc). Credit: @ShadowKyogre.
  • [Support] #7: Generate real documentation site, both because the README is just too big now, and so we can eat our own dog food.

0.7.8 2016-05-05

  • #77: Fix image link styling to remove a bottom border which appears in some situations. Thanks to Eric Holscher for the patch & @barbara-sfx for the report.
  • #65: Wrap the sidebar’s “Navigation” header in Sphinx’s translation helper so it gets translated if possible. Thanks to @uralbash.
  • #78: Add custom stylesheet support. (This release will thus be the last to merge simplistic style tweaks as feature toggles - only thorny CSS issues or actual template-related changes will be merged afterwards.)
  • #64: Add config options for font size and caption font size/family. Credit: Marçal Solà.
  • #61: Set a small-but-nonzero footnote width to work around a common browser display bug. Thanks to Konstantin Molchanov for catch & patch.
  • #44 (partial; via #57) Add an opt-in fixed sidebar behavior for users who prefer a sidebar that never scrolls out of view. Credit: Joe Cross.
  • #45 (via #46) Tweak styling of nested bullet lists to prevent an issue where they all collapse to the same indent level when viewed on smaller display sizes. Thanks to Bram Geron for catch & patch, and to Jochen Kupperschmidt for review/discussion.
  • #41: Update the Github buttons to use a newer linked image & change the link to their docs. Thanks to Tomi Hukkalainen.
  • #75: Use SVG version of the Travis-CI button. Thanks to Sebastian Wiesner for the patch.
  • #51 (via #67): Hide Github button if github_user and github_repo aren’t set. This is necessary since github_button defaults to True. Thanks to Sam Whited for the report & Dmitry Shachnev for the patch.

0.7.7 2015-12-21

  • Add Codecov badge support to sidebar.
  • Fix a handful of mismatched/unclosed HTML tags in the templates. Thanks to Marvin Pinto for catch & patch.
  • Allow configuring body text-align via body_text_align. Credit to Marçal Solà.
  • Fix sidebar_hr setting - stylesheet wasn’t correctly referencing the right variable name. Thanks to Jannis Leidel.
  • Fix incorrect notes in README re: renamed github_button_* options - the button_ was dropped but docs did not reflect this. Thanks to Nik Nyby.
  • Add some margin-bottom to table.field-list p so field lists (e.g. Python function parameter lists in docstrings) written as multiple paragraphs, look like actual paragraphs instead of all globbing together.

0.7.6 2015-06-22

  • Expose page & sidebar widths as theme options page_width and sidebar_width. Their defaults are the same as the previously static values.
  • Fix left-margin & padding styling for code blocks within list-item elements, making them consistent with earlier changes applied to top-level code blocks.
  • Update how handles the README.rst file - load it explicitly as UTF-8 so the changelog containing non-ASCII characters doesn’t generate UnicodeDecodeError in terminal environments whose default encoding is not UTF-8 or other Unicode-compatible encodings. Thanks to Arun Persaud for the report and Max Tepkeev for the suggested fix.

0.7.5 2015-06-15

  • Remove an orphaned </li> from the footer ‘show source’ section. Credit to Marcin Wojdyr.

  • Update the “Fork me on Github” banner image to use an https:// URI so sites hosted over HTTPS don’t encounter mixed-content errors. Thanks to @nikolas for the patch.

  • Pre-history versions of Alabaster attempted to remove the “related” sub-navigation (typically found as next/previous links in other themes) but this didn’t work right for mobile-oriented styling.

    This has been fixed by (re-)adding an improved sidebar nav element for these links and making its display controllable via the new show_related theme option (which defaults to false for backwards compatibility).


    To enable the related-links nav, you’ll need to set show_related to true and add relations.html to your html_sidebars (we’ve updated the example config in this README to indicate this for new installs).

    Thanks to Tomi Pieviläinen for the bug report.

  • Honor Sphinx’s core html_show_copyright option when rendering page footer. Thanks to Marcin Wojdyr for the report.

0.7.4 2015-05-03

  • Add code_highlight option (which includes general fixes to styling of code blocks containing highlighted lines). Thanks to Steven Loria.

0.7.3 2015-03-20

  • Hide shadow related styles on bibliography elements, in addition to the earlier change re: border. Thanks again to Philippe Dessus.

0.7.2 2015-03-10

  • Updated CSS stylesheets to apply monospace styling to both tt and code elements, instead of just to tt. This addresses a change in HTML generation in Sphinx 1.3 while retaining support for Sphinx 1.2. Thanks to Eric Holscher for the heads up.

0.7.1 2015-02-27

  • Add styling to disable default cell borders on .. bibliography:: directives’ output. Thanks to Philippe Dessus for the report.
  • Allow control over CSS font-style for the site description/tagline element. Credit: Steven Loria.
  • Stylize .. seealso:: blocks same as .. note:: blocks for consistency’s sake (previously, .. seealso:: used the Sphinx default styling, which clashed). We may update these again later but for now, this is an improvement! Thanks again to Steven Loria.
  • Allow control over font family of body text and headings. Thanks to Georg Brandl.
  • Add control over the font size & family of code blocks. Credit to Steven Loria.
  • Update Github button image link to use the newly-available HTTPS version of the URL; this helps prevent errors on doc pages served via HTTPS. Thanks to Gustavo Narea for the report.
  • Explicitly note Python version support in the README and
  • Allow configuring a custom Github banner image (instead of simply toggling a default on or off). Thanks to Nicola Iarocci for the original patch.
  • Finally add a changelog. To the README, for now, because a full doc site isn’t worthwhile just yet.

0.6.2 2014-11-25

  • Make .. warn:: blocks have a pink background (instead of having no background, which was apparently an oversight of the themes Alabaster is based on) and also make that color configurable.

0.6.1 2014-09-04

  • Update Gittip support to acknowledge the service’s rename to Gratipay.

0.6.0 2014-04-17

  • Fix outdated name in URL field.
  • Allow hiding the ‘powered by’ section of the footer.

0.5.1 2014-04-15

  • Fix a bug in the new Travis support, re: its default value.

0.5.0 2014-04-09

  • Add support for sidebar Travis status buttons.

0.4.1 2014-04-06

  • Update logo & text styling to be more sensible.
  • Fix an inaccuracy in the description of logo_text_align.

0.4.0 2014-04-06

  • Add an option to allow un-hiding one’s toctree.

0.3.1 2014-03-13

  • Update styling of changelog pages generated by bitprophet/releases.
  • Improved Python 3 compatibility.

0.3.0 2014-02-03

  • Display Alabaster version in footers alongside Sphinx version (necessitating use of a mini Sphinx extension) plus other footer tweaks.

0.2.0 2014-01-28

  • Add a 3rd level of medium-gray to the stylesheet & apply in a few places.
  • Tweak page margins a bit.
  • Add customized navigation sidebar element.
  • Allow control of logo replacement text’s alignment.

0.1.0 2013-12-31

  • First tagged/PyPI’d version.